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Podcast with Leadership coach and corporate advisor, David Rock

Breaking new ground in our understanding of how to improve human and workplace performance.

The NeuroLeadership Summit held in Asolo, Italy, brought together top neuroscientists with leadership development experts and senior business executives, to collaborate on addressing some of today’s most important organizational challenges. The agenda included: How to increase the level of employee engagement, achieve strategic and tactical business goals, and improve decision making.

In this 38 minute Leadership Channel edition of Total Picture Radio, Peter Clayton discusses the Summit with co-program Director, David Rock. David is a leadership coach, consultant and public speaker who advises corporations around the world. He is the founder and CEO of Results Coaching Systems (RCS), a global coaching consultancy.

TPR had the pleasure of interviewing David last year at the launch of his latest book, Quiet Leadership, Six Steps to Transforming Performance at Work, (published by HarperCollins). You’ll find that interview, one of the most popular on TPR, on the Leadership channel.

David Rock Biography

David Rock is a leadership coach, consultant and public speaker who advises corporations around the world. He is the founder and CEO of Results Coaching Systems (RCS), a global coaching consultancy that has helped over 4,000 professionals become more effective at facilitating change in others, across 6 six countries. RCS is working with many Fortune 100 clients to help them introduce a coaching culture.

David is the co-founder of an executive and personal coaching curriculum at New York University (SCPS) and a guest lecturer at universities in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He is working collaboratively with Dr Jeffrey M. Schwartz on developing the links between leadership and neuroscience, and has co-authored a feature article on this topic for Strategy & Business magazine (May 2006).

Rock’s Six Steps to Transforming Performance were developed over 10 ten years, through designing and delivering workshops to professionals across the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia , and New Zealand.

About the NeuroLeadership Summit

For three days, world renowned experts in both neuroscience and leadership will gather with a select group of 40 guests, on top of a mountain in spectacular Northern Italy. Together they will explore some of today’s biggest workplace challenges through the eyes of a neuroscientist, and build the framework for a new domain of knowledge: NeuroLeadership.

The program has been carefully designed to facillitate breakthrough thinking. There will be significant time for quality interactions in small groups amongst participants and with speaker-experts.

A team of CIMBA MBA students, familiar with the basic principles of neuroscience as applied to leadership, will collect ideas and then conduct real-time research to solidify that thinking. To preserve the thinking, a documentary of the Summit will be created for distribution. The Summit will also see the launch of the neuroleadership institute and journal.

The Summit will focus on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and how those discoveries can be used to help organizations:

– Increase the level of employee engagement

– Drive cultural change

– Improve decision making

– Assist in the development of high performance leaders

– Improve the performance of individuals and whole systems

– Achieve strategic and tactical business goals